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agency quality awards

Assessment & Survey Development

business process reengineering & continuous improvement

organizational change management

standards compliance

Logistics and Parts Inventory Management Solution

Developed system for tracing parts and supplies back to manufacturer.

Developed Internal Company Web Page

Developed internal company web page to track project status, communicate roles and responsibilities, and increase access to technical information

BPM Project Development

Developed and implemented project requirements for the Business Process Engineering curriculum for 3rd year Business and IT Students

Improving banking accuracy and customer service.

Developed and implemented processes/procedures to improve banking accuracy and customer service.

Gluten-Free Baked Goods Recipe Analysis and Development

Developed and product tested gluten-free recipes for improved customer satisfaction.

Mortality Rates and Birthing Environment in Animal Husbandry

Performed analysis on piglet death and made data-backed recommendations to minimize factors leading to high rates of mortality.

Data Driven Classrooms

Trained adult and youth learners in data collection and analysis techniques to set and achieve educational goals.

ISO9001: 2008 Registration

Developed proposal to reduce waste and associated costs by converting from hard copy to digital media with customer-facing documentation.

Lean Manufacturing and Planning System Implementation

Developed and deployed an integrated production inventory and planning system utilizing Demand Flow Technology which combines the benefits of Lean Manufacturing principles and Theory of Constraints.

2080 hours over 3 years

Improving work order management in a high-speed lithography operation

Developed and coached employees to employee work planning system based on Lean Manufacturing/Just In Time principles in a lithographic printing facility.

500 hours over 5 year period

Increasing Student Investment & Achievement

Trained adult-learners in a trainer-of-trainer setting, as well as younger students in the classroom setting, to identify and actively engage in strategies to increase self/student investment and achievement.

Interventions for Disruptive Behavior in the Elementary School Classroom

Performed analysis on over 40 potential classroom management solutions in order to recommend and inform best practices in the elementary classroom.

ISO9001: 2008 Registration

System-wide cross-functional implementation of ISO 9001 at a semiconductor fab (Colorado Springs, CO)​​

1040 hours