Released Products

  • Training Management
  • Data and Information Management
  • Audit Management (ISO 19011:2018)
  • Quality Assessments (Process Audits)
  • Real-time Issue and Idea Validation and Assignment Tool (RIIVA)
  • Automated Document Management (ADM)

Products In Devlopment

  • Real-Time Idea and Issue Management System (RTIIMS)
  • Assessment Observation Log (AOL)

Our featured product to help you manage your “opportunities” and “threats”…

Is your current reality:

  • Employees not following procedure
  • Difficulty learning from past mistakes
  • You want ISO9001 registration, but you aren’t sure how
  • Groups not operating as teams
  • Decisions being made and not implemented



We believe that a happy workplace leads to a happy world. We help bring happiness to people across all industries through process improvement, training, and consulting. We tailor the services we provide to meet your specific needs. Support options include providing direct, hands-on support to ongoing projects and operations, providing consulting support and training to help you develop internal capabilities and performing assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in areas important to achieving high performance.

Our associates are available to work as members of your project or operations team for short or extended periods. Our associates have in-depth knowledge and skills in diverse areas; from engineering and quality assurance, to the medical, pharmaceutical, educational, and financial industries.


happiness through...

NSI Associates have extensive experience helping organizations define, integrate, and improve their business processes. 

NSI Associates are adept at creating and implementing custom training programs, customizable to your unique needs and situation.

NSI Associates develop Quality Management Assessment,Systems, and Plans.  We are also happy to evaluate and enforce existing quality programs.

Providing Support For Every Part of Your Improvement Journey

Phase One


Phase Two

Assessment and practice

Phase Three

Planning and knowledge building

Phase Four

Performing and sustaining

Phase Five

Review and feedback

Let us help you improve the effectiveness of your business!

Whether you’re in healthcare or building the next high-speed rail, NSI can help your business increase profits and productivity.  Our team members are happy to speak with you about how we can help take your business to Cloud Nine.

Trainer of Trainers

Developed and delivered “Trainer of Trainers” courses; instructing and coaching adult learners to enable them to return to their work site and to confidently deliver content to their peers.